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Since my (xopr's) Jolla tablet didn't boot, I opened it and took the battery out for a couple of hours. While I was at it, I took some (bad quality) pictures, and noted how to open it without breaking or bending stuff.

You can enter the UEFI BIOS by connecting USB keyboard (using USB OTG cable), and press F2 immediately after the tablet boots (by pressing the power button about 5 seconds)

You will need:

  • tiny spatula-thing to pry off the plastic ends and separate the display+board from the case
  • tiny philips screwdriver to remove 4 tall gray and 3 short black screws from the case, and 2 short black for the lid where the battery connector resides.
  • the top plastic end slides off towards the top (length of the tablet) and will reveal 4 gray screws
  • the bottom plastic end can be pried off perpendicular to the screen (towards you) and will reveal 3 black screws
  • the white border is attached to the back, and is clipped onto all four sides of the display/main board
  • starting prying on the short ends gives a bit of space to continue on one long side
  • the battery connector seems to come off perpendicular to the print (mine got torn when pulling it out adjacent to the print)

Notes: The print has several interesting writings on it. From left to right:

  • the back cover connector pins next to the camera modules say: WIFI/B1 ANT and GPS ANT
  • SPI PRGMR (6 pin connector with black cover)
  • The brown SD card print has room for a SIM card, but next to the battery connector, some components are missing, so it might not be populated at all

Location: at xopr's