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Project: SpaceAPIBot
Featured: No
State Completed
Members Stuiterveer
GitHub SpaceAPIBot
Description Displays the open/close state for hackerspaces within Telegram.
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This bot can be used to display the open/close states for multiple hackerspaces within Telegram, using the JSON attributes for SpaceAPI. The bot can also be used within group chats. To start a new chat with this bot, send a message to "SpaceAPIBot".

The reason behind the bot was to provide a "central" hub (comparable to the SpaceAPI directory, but you can also add spaces that are not in this directory, as long as they comply with the API requirements) for displaying multiple hackerspaces and displaying their state without having to navigate to one or multiple web pages.


  • /help - display all commands.
  • /start - display all commands. It's the same effect as using /help, this is done because a new chat with a bot is handled by sending a /start command.
  • /spaces - display all the spaces that are currently on the list.
  • /default <space> - set a default hackerspace for displaying the state when using "/state". Will return an error when the space is not on the list.
  • /state - display the state for the space that's set to default. Will return an error when no default is set. An extra parameter can be added:
    • /state <space> - display the state for the space that's entered. Will return an error when the space is not on the list.
  • /add <url> - add a space to the list using the provided URL. The URL must return a JSON object that complies with the SpaceAPI requirements. Will return an error when the URL doesn't provide a correct JSON object.
  • /info - displays some additional information about the bot.
  • /purge - removes all preferences stored by the bot for your user.

Hidden commands? Why yes, of course! If you understand Dutch, try requesting the state of Henk or using a pudding command. Want to know other commands as well? Hey now, don't be greedy! Find those yourself!

Known bugs

  • A lot of special characters in UTF-8 don't work correctly with the bot.