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Project: Stamps
State Completed
Members Vicarious
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Description Stamps for hackpass / hacker passports

When Mitch Altman (from TV-B-Gone, Noisebridge) mentioned on the mailing list that he would bring 2500 hacker passports to Chaos Communication Camp 2011, I (Vicarious) decided to order or make a stamp.

Every time a hacker visits a hackerspace or conference for the first time, they get a stamp in their passport.

See hacker passport for more details.

It was too expensive (€ 54,24) to order a stamp with custom design and express shipping from, so I decided to just make one from an old eraser I had at home. Just in case the stamp doesn't work that well or in case it breaks, I also bought a backup stamp set which includes the alphabet and some characters.

Hackerspace Passports accepted here