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Marked as outdated
This was part of the old 2.0 space and is no longer applicable

As we moved to another location, this is the opportunity to clean/sort projects and items, and claim your shelf.

HACKspace (workshop)

name description
yellow metal rack media library
metal display racks Highly active projects (you need to earn this spot), first aid, cables, big equipment and components
metal stacked cabinets (soldering corner) microprocessor stuff and components, tools
Desk drawers (front window)
metal stacked cabinets (front window) plastic bags, printing paper (?)

SLACKspace (lounge)

name description
wooden cabinet (bar) food related and cleaning stuff
metal stacked cabinets (corner) puzzles and console games related

STACKspace (storage)

name description
left front metal racks member/project storage
left back metal racks some paperwork and generic storage (needs cleaning when users have not enough space)
right metal racks categorized stuff (back: cabling, KVM, lower quality stuff; front: assorted by function/theme, higher quality/recognizable)
right corner chairs, recycling (paper, plastic), plastic bags, carpet pieces and fluorescent (TL) lights
wooden rack cleaning and whiteboard related

boxes and shelves

layout ordered by importance, descending
name description
project shelf (HACKspace Place for really active projects. There is not a lot room, so stale projects will get degraded to the STACKspace project rack.
STACKspace (front left side) these racks contain user project stuff; when it's full, it will be reorganized and 'surplus' stuff might be assorted back to the right hand side categorized racks (front)
STACKspace (front right side) this is categorized stuff for usage in projects.
STACKspace dubious/fubar stuff box (TBD) this is the final rest place of items that are marked for deletion. Make sure your precious stuff doesn't end up here!
trash can this is the backup last place to rescue your gear/project. After this, there is no way back!