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xopr 20:59, 9 October 2020 (CEST) I was triggered by a random tweakers article also directing to another article with an informational comment that pointed to a youtube video that triggered me to check some of the status. Since it's not 'guest' related and has a certificate: it's all good, but I wanted to store the above links anyway.

testing commandline

To test command line (with debug information and without setting up an actual accesspoint), one can use the following:

echo "User-Name=<USER>,User-Password=<CORRECT_PASS>"|/usr/bin/radclient <RADIUS_IP>:1812 auth <TOKEN>
Sent Access-Request Id <SEQ> from to <RADIUS_IP>:1812 length <LEN>
Received Access-Accept Id <SEQ> from <RADIUS_IP>:1812 to <LOCAL_IP>:51116 length 20