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This is the "StreamLinkTable" template.

It will generate a table with various links derived from the stages, languages, formats and types.

It should be called in the following format (all parameters are optional):



The parameters all default to something useful for CCC and each has a specific syntax: baseURL

  • baseURL: first common part of the link, defaults to https://cdn.c3voc.de/
  • stages: comma separated (,) list of Stage Label;urlPart (note the semicolon ;), defaults to 3 × Stage n;sn
  • languages: comma separated (,) list of Language Label;urlPart (note the semicolon ;), defaults to Native;_native,Translated;_translated
  • languageCount: number used for setting the correct table header span, set to reflect the amount of languages, defaults to 2
  • formats: comma separated (,) list of Format Label;urlPart (note the semicolon ;), defaults to WebM;.webm,HLS;.m3u8
  • types: comma separated (,) list of Type Label;urlPart (note the semicolon ;), defaults to HD;_hd,SD;_sd,Slides;_slides
  • typeCount: number used for setting the correct table header span, set to reflect the amount of types, defaults to 3

The links are generated as followed (always using the item part after the semicolon: baseURL+stage(outer row)+language(inner row)+type(inner column)+format(outer column), for example Stage 3 Native Slides as HLS will have the link: https://cdn.c3voc.de/s3_native_slides.m3u8


Note that for the best results, this table needs extra CSS in MediaWiki:Common.css:

/* CSS span table rowspan only showing the first row header (assuming there are 2 column headers stacked, hence +3) */
table.span tr>th.span2,
table.span tr>th.span3,
table.span tr>th.span4,
table.span tr>th.span5
    display: none;

table.span tr:nth-of-type(2n+3)>th.span2,
table.span tr:nth-of-type(3n+3)>th.span3,
table.span tr:nth-of-type(4n+3)>th.span4,
table.span tr:nth-of-type(5n+3)>th.span5
    display: table-cell;

If it is not possible to have this CSS added, or you want to repeat every row header, make sure to set languageCount = 1 (or the table layout will break without the added CSS).


Edit the page to see how the following tables are generated:

The default is written like this:


looks like this:

Stage 1 Native linklinklinklinklinklink
Stage 1 Translated linklinklinklinklinklink
Stage 2 Native linklinklinklinklinklink
Stage 2 Translated linklinklinklinklinklink
Stage 3 Native linklinklinklinklinklink
Stage 3 Translated linklinklinklinklinklink

For a different set of stages, use this:

|stages=Main stage;stage1,Backup stage;stageb

to generate:

Main stage Native linklinklinklinklinklink
Main stage Translated linklinklinklinklinklink
Backup stage Native linklinklinklinklinklink
Backup stage Translated linklinklinklinklinklink

For an extra set of languages, use this:


to generate:

Stage 1 English linklinklinklinklinklink
Stage 1 German linklinklinklinklinklink
Stage 1 French linklinklinklinklinklink
Stage 1 Dutch linklinklinklinklinklink
Stage 2 English linklinklinklinklinklink
Stage 2 German linklinklinklinklinklink
Stage 2 French linklinklinklinklinklink
Stage 2 Dutch linklinklinklinklinklink
Stage 3 English linklinklinklinklinklink
Stage 3 German linklinklinklinklinklink
Stage 3 French linklinklinklinklinklink
Stage 3 Dutch linklinklinklinklinklink