Thomson ST2030

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Thomson ST2030

Some stuff has been taken from the old and new manual, other information comes from twice and here]. Apparently, there is support for a distinctive ring (Alert-Info) in firmware v2.69; this (among other) syntax is supported:

Alert-Info: <>;info=MyMelody9

Get the IP address by press and hold menu for 3 seconds.

  • go to http://<IP>/main.html or http://<IP>/admin.html
  • factory default credentials are "administrator", "784518"
  • go to "SETUP", under section "VoIP SERVICE", click "Basic Setup" (if the link isn't here, you've logged on with the wrong URL)
  • you can now edit the profiles

Note: you can disable auto provisioning under "SETUP", section "Auto Provisioning", "Basic Setup"

Reboot the phone by pressing directory speaker and redial simultaneously for 3 seconds (the outer and center buttons of the 5 buttons which contain transparent keys).

Factory reset the phone by unplug power, pressing headset and mute simultaneously, restore power and hold for 3 seconds.

connecting the Thomson ST2030

Under SETUP » VoIP Service » Basic Setup, the following settings are needed:

  • Profile Name: <anything>
  • SIP Unregister: unchecked
  • URI Type: SIP
  • SIP Transport: UDP
  • Connect Reuse: checked
  • Service Domain:
  • Registrar Server Address:
  • Port: 5060
  • Proxy Server Address:
  • Port: 5060
  • SIP Local Port: <make sure this port does not conflict with other SIP devices behind the same NAT>
  • TLS Local Port: <make sure this port does not conflict with other SIP devices behind the same NAT>
  • Registration Timer: 110
  • Registration Frequency: 110

At the bottom, User Accounts, set the following:

  • Phone number: <username>
  • Phone Name: <anything>
  • Authentication ID: <username or number>
  • Password: <password>

Under ADVANCED » Networking » Outbound Proxy, check the following setting:

  • Outbound Proxy Flag: disabled

Under ADVANCED » Voice Settings » Codec Setup, set all codec settings to:

  • Fixed

For the dial plan go to ADVANCED » Voice Settings » Advanced, VoIP Dial Plan: |1[01579]x|1[23]xx|5000|2xx|00x.T|0[1234567]xxxxxxxx|088xxxxxxx|0800xxxx.T|090[069]xxxx.T|

Note: if you switch profile on the phone (that switches from or to behind-NAT), you have to reboot/powercycle the device for audio to work correctly.

Power (over Ethernet) compatibility:
barrel plug: unknown 9V

straight crosslink
802.3af yes unknown
legacy unknown unknown
compatible unknown unknown
Unifi unknown unknown


Location: hACKspace (next to the network switch), connected to fuse group A.