Training Mac OS X

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Event: Training Mac OS X
State: Stalled
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Contact: Bjoern
Location: ACKspace
Short description: Mac OS X course

I have the ability to teach everything about Mac OS X.

Not working with the Software only, that's something everyone can easily learn by doing, but I can introduce.

I will concentrate on installing OS X Setting up attached Airport network or WLAN network Connecting to an existing network even if connected by VPN L2TP. Administrate attached printers within own network. setup connection to SMB drives on Windows machines Control parental control and firewall

Basic setup for Routers to use the Mac as a Webserver, Fileserver and so on.

Special opportunities: Recovering passwords even without the OS X 10.3-10.6 DVD which is normally needed. Basic troubleshooting to have a clear problem description. Solve smaller issues preventing startup

If wanted add your wishes below what may be needed, I may have to check some pages to teach then.