Zebra LP 2824 Plus

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We have a Zebra printer (sorta, still need to receive it) we can use to print stickers! The printer is attached to the network using CUPS, this page will tell you how to print to it.

Your best option is to print using Linux command line commands, as printing from other programs is known to give a messed up layout. From the command line you can send either cleartext or other files. To print, use lp or lpr. Example: lp file_to_print.txt.

You can specify extra print options using the -o flag. One option you MUST enable when not printing a cleartext file is "fit-to-page", otherwise the print might be sent to multiple stickers to fill a bigger page. Example: lp file_to_print.pdf -o "fit to page".

The printer can be found at http://cupsprint:631/printers/Zebra_Technologies_ZTC_LP_2824_Plus Zebra EPL2 Label printer with settings of 1.50"x1.00", 203dpi.

More information on CUPS printing and options can be found on the CUPS page.

The label printer is connected to fuse group B.