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You are looking at an event that took place in the past
Event: Congress everywhere
State: Planned
Start date: 2015/12/27
Start time: 10:00
End date: 2015/12/30
End time: 22:00
Contact: xopr
Kind: Conference
Location: ACKspace
URL: Everywhere
Fee: Free
Short description: Watch a hacker congress or camp live on a projector in the space, or listen to it via the phone.


Unable to attend the upcoming hacker congress or camp? Watch it live on a projector in the space, or listen to it via the phone.

Last year was awesome, last summer was awesome, let's make it awesome again! (there are some nice things on the road map)


Hint: add yourself by typing:

* ~~~

roadmap / Fahrplan

Opening is at 11:00 in Tent-1 (Project 2501) (other days start at 10:30)
Afternoon break is from 12:30 - 16:00
See CCC's Fahrplan for more info


  • update the steams in the config (Note: as of writing, the streams don't work yet)
HD SD Slides HD SD Slides
Tent-1 Native video video slides video video slides
Translated video video slides video video slides
Tent-2 Native video video slides video video slides
Translated video video slides video video slides
BER stage Native video video video [1]

video streams

VLC config files

Note: these configuration files are from the 31C3 event.


fetch 4 unicast streams and put them out as multicast

# cvlc --vlm-conf /home/xopr/Desktop/VLC/broadcast.conf
# vlc rtp://@

new channel1 broadcast enabled
#setup channel1 input ""
setup channel1 input ""
setup channel1 output #rtp{mux=ts,dst=,port=9001,sdp=sap://,name="Saal 1"}

new channel2 broadcast enabled
#setup channel2 input ""
setup channel2 input ""
setup channel2 output #rtp{mux=ts,dst=,port=9002,sdp=sap://,name="Saal 2"}

new channel3 broadcast enabled
#setup channel3 input ""
setup channel3 input ""
setup channel3 output #rtp{mux=ts,dst=,port=9003,sdp=sap://,name="Saal G"}

new channel4 broadcast enabled
#setup channel4 input ""
setup channel4 input ""
setup channel4 output #rtp{mux=ts,dst=,port=9004,sdp=sap://,name="Saal 6"}

control channel1 play
control channel2 play
control channel3 play
control channel4 play


Pick up on the 4 multicast streams and put them in a mosaic

# run with
# cvlc --vlm-conf /home/xopr/Desktop/VLC/saal_mosaic.conf --mosaic-width 1280 --mosaic-order "1,2,3,4" --mosaic-height 720

new channel1 broadcast enabled
setup channel1 input "rtp://@"
#setup channel1 output #mosaic-bridge{id=1,height=360,width=640}
setup channel1 output #duplicate{dst=mosaic-bridge{id=1,height=360,width=640},select=video,dst=bridge-out{id=1},select=audio}

new channel2 broadcast enabled
setup channel2 input "rtp://@"
#setup channel2 output #mosaic-bridge{id=2,height=360,width=640}
setup channel2 output #duplicate{dst=mosaic-bridge{id=2,height=360,width=640},select=video,dst=bridge-out{id=2},select=audio}

new channel3 broadcast enabled
setup channel3 input "rtp://@"
#setup channel3 output #mosaic-bridge{id=3,height=360,width=640}
setup channel3 output #duplicate{dst=mosaic-bridge{id=3,height=360,width=640},select=video,dst=bridge-out{id=3},select=audio}

new channel4 broadcast enabled
setup channel4 input "rtp://@"
#setup channel4 output #mosaic-bridge{id=4,height=360,width=640}
setup channel4 output #duplicate{dst=mosaic-bridge{id=4,height=360,width=640},select=video,dst=bridge-out{id=4},select=audio}

new mosaic broadcast enabled
setup mosaic input "file:///home/xopr/Desktop/VLC/ACKbg-1280x720.jpg"
setup mosaic option image-duration=-1
setup mosaic option image-fps=24/1
setup mosaic option mosaic-rows=2
setup mosaic option mosaic-cols=2
setup mosaic option mosaic-position=1
setup mosaic output #transcode{sfilter=mosaic,vcodec=mp2v,vb=500,scale=1}:bridge-in{delay=400,id-offset=100}:rtp{mux=ts,dst=,port=5004,sap,name="Mosaic"}

control channel1 play
control channel2 play
control channel3 play
control channel4 play
control mosaic play


notes and other info

  • 4 HD streams were too heavy for my dual core hyperthreaded 2.4GHz laptop: it would glitch into an unintelligible paint blob
  • using a VLM config file to open multiple streams with bandwith/cpu issues causes all streams to pause upon reconnecting a stream that went out of sync. Use a separate instance for each stream
  • the RTP stream seems to emit some type of timecode, so multiple streams are fairly in sync. Picking up on the RTP streams to create an RTP mosaic will off course delay that mosaic
  • In 2013, Xopr wrote an XBMC remote control script for streams to switch channels from within a console with just one keypress.
  • Multicast streams didn't work on wifi (as expected), but even worse: multicast broke the wifi networks

audio streams (phone)

Currently, due to our temporary setup of the VoIP system, nothing has been set-up to listen to the streams via the phone. Focus is on the #video streams for now.

If you want to help out and fix the phone streaming, contact xopr.


previous versions

List of German hacker conferences
Chaos Communication Camp Chaos Communication Congress
2020 rC3
2019 CCC 2019 36C3
2018 35C3
2017 34C3
2016 33C3
2015 CCC 2015 32C3
2014 31C3
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2011 CCC 2011 28C3

events in 2015

Attended Stats
  • 5 days of streaming
  • 5 multicast streams
  • slow internet (due to mulicasting and switches not configurable)
  • 3 screens/projectors
  • 1 liter of milk
  • 1 liter of buttermilk
  • 1.5 liters of Rosé
  • >22 icecreams
  • 14.2 liters of beer
  • unknown amount of Club Mate
  • 6.8 liters of coffee
  • 3 big and 30 small bags of crisps/chips
  • 20 frikandel rolls
  • 20 buns
  • 2 lites of fristi
  • 2.5 bread
  • 3 packs of cheese
  • 3 packs of ham
  • 1 pack of sellery salad

events in 2014

Attended Stats
  • 4 days of streaming
  • 5 multicast streams
  • 3 broken wifi networks (due to mulicasting)
  • 3 screens/projectors
  • internet reached temperatures of -4°C (because it's running outside)
  • 4 liters of (warm) chocolate milk
  • 3 liters of ice tea
  • 2 liters of milk
  • 4.5 liters of beer
  • unknown amount of Club Mate
  • 3 liters of coffee
  • 2 cans of whipped cream
  • 20 donuts (oliebollen)
  • 1 almond bar
  • 3 bags of crisps/chips
  • 1 pack of cashew nuts
  • 4 frikandel rolls
  • 15 buns
  • 1 pack of cheese
  • 1 pack of turkey slices
  • 1 pack of chicken-curry spread
  • 15 hours of sleep

events in 2013

  • PsychiC (Only a few evenings though)

events in 2012

No known data for this year's events

events in 2011

  1. Vicarious
  2. Prodigity
  3. Roelke
  4. PsychiC (Only a few evenings though)
  5. Da_Syntax not all days
  6. Xopr (some evenings)