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You are looking at an event that took place in the past
Event: HaxoGreen
Featured: No
State: Completed
Start date: 2022/07/28
Start time:
End date: 2022/07/31
End time:
Contact: Xopr
Kind: Conference, Festival
Location: Campsite Belvedère, Dudelange, Luxembourg, Earth
URL: https://wiki.haxogreen.lu/
Fee: free via stream / €25 - €750 attending live
Short description: biennial four-day outdoor camp in Luxembourg


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previous editions


This event was held from 26-29 July



Here's the schedule URL: http://haxogreen.lu/schedule/2012/ And here's the registration form: https://www.haxogreen.lu/2012/Registration

And here's a piece of generic info we're giving out on the camp:

Summer, sun ... and microcontrollers? Hackers from all over Europe and beyond are flocking to Luxembourg again to enjoy four days of talks, workshops and outdoor activities at haxogreen. The third iteration of this camp-style outdoor meetup for hackers, technologists and modern-day DIY enthusiasts is organised by syn2cat, the team behind Luxembourg's hackerspace and many colourful events around the country. Taking place at the scouts grounds in the southern hills of Dudelange from the 26th to the 29th of July, the event centers around the topics of eco-friendly hacking, open source, IT security and malware, microelectronics and technology within society in a wider sense. Besides the fully-equipped location with plenty of room for tents to sleep in, visitors can hack away in the hacktent, learn something new at one of the workshops or follow almost 40 interesting lectures and talks. When the sun sets, live DJs will provide the perfect ambience for a spin on the dancefloor or that special session of late-night programming to get the last sensor on your robot working for the next day. With a limit of 140 people the atmosphere is cozy, yet there is ample opportunity to meet new faces and connect with fellow hackers. The town of Dudelange offers all amenities in walking distance of the camp and the site borders a large wooded area perfect for a brisk morning walk or other outdoor fun. As an additional bonus this year, the camp seconds as an examination site for Linux Professional Institute certification on the 27th of July.

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