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Quadrennial Hacker Camp

Is a collective name to list the Dutch quadrennial hacker camps that consist of an ever changing three letter acronym with a variant of "Hack", "Hacker" or "Hacking" in it, is organised since 1989 and includes:

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List of known hacker conferences
country name type frequency note
DE Chaos Communication Camp camp quadrennial since 1999
DE Chaos Communication Congress congress yearly since 1984
DK BornHack camp yearly since 2016
LU HaxoGreen camp biennial since 2016?
NL Hacker Hotel hotel yearly since 2018?
NL eth0:Atumn congress / hostel yearly also see previous Eth0:Summer and Eth0:Winter editions, since 2007?
NL QHC camp quadrennial Since 1989
UK Electromagnetic Field camp biennial since 2012
US Hackers On Planet Earth congress biennial since 1994
US black hat briefings congress yearly? since 1997
US Toorcon camp yearly since 1999
US DEF CON congress irregular since 1993
US ShmooCon congress yearly

Also note: there is a Congress everywhere page to live stream a conference in the space.

List of Dutch hacker conferences
quadrennial eth0 Hacker Hotel
2025 WHY2025
2024 [Hacker Hotel 2024
2023 [Hacker Hotel 2023
2022 MCH2022 Eth0:2022 Autumn Hacker Hotel 2022
2021 Eth0:2021 Autumn
2020 Eth0:2020 Autumn Hacker Hotel 2020
2019 Eth0:2019 Autumn Hacker Hotel 2019
2018 Eth0:2018 Winter
2017 SHA2017 Eth0:2017 Winter
2016 Eth0:2016 Winter Hacker Hotel 2016
2015 Eth0:2015 Winter Hacker Hotel 2015
2014 Eth0:2014 Summer Eth0:2014 Winter
2013 OHM2013 Eth0:2013 Winter
2012 Eth0:2012 Summer Eth0:2012 Winter