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User: Xopr
Name xopr
Role Participant
Committee(s) Infrastructure, Telephony
Member since 2010/01/01
IM Address
Extension 196
Languages Dialect (Plat), Dutch (Nederlands), English
CAcert Assurer No
PGP key No PGP key defined. Create your PGP key pair by following this guide.
PGP key fingerprint
Achievements Smelled like chicken, Mad electrician, Release manager, Logistics monkey, Facilities Frantic, Shining light, You shall not pass, There; I fixed it!, If it ain't broken; you're not trying hard enough, Unlocked, Wiki Wizard, Hardware Symbiosis, Api Pedestal, Group Hug, Fellow Furniture

can be found on:

current projects

Projects I'm affiliated with. (refresh table)

stuff mentioned on the wiki that is (partially) located at my home

:Other locations where stuff is located are: "carbon6", ACKade, ACKspace, Coolepascal, Da Syntax, Somewhere, User:xopr, Vicarious, hACKspace, slACKspace, stACKspace

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