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There are several ATA's laying in ACKspace

Sipura / Linksys

current dialplan


A general Sipura dial plan looks like (assume the numbers are subscripts)


char description
<a:b> optional substitution; replace a with b (to remove, remove b, to prefix, remove a)
<0:0031> replace 0 with 0031
<:003145> prefix 003145 to the number
<9:> remove initial 9
<9,:> remove initial 9 and present different dial tone
c These characters can be:
* means the star (asterisk) key
# means the pound (hash) key
x means a single digit (0 through 9)
[x-y] means any digits x through y.
[xy] means the digits x and y (can put any number of digits here)
. means repeat the previously listed digit type zero or more times. For example x. means "zero or more digits," xx. means "one or more digits."
<:@gwX> Optional, (SPA-3000 only): dial out using the defined gateway
<:@gw0> dial out using the PSTN port
<:@gw1> dial out using gateway 1
S0 is usually used at the end of a dial plan string that says "immediately dial when matched." Used for things like emergency numbers.
 ! is used at the end of the dial plan and it means "immediately reject the number dialed." Used to block, say, paid service numbers.


immediately dial extension 1000 when the phone is offhook


command reference

code function
**** configuration menu
110# say IP address
732668# reboot

Linksys PAP2T

2x FxS

connecting the Linksys PAP2T

The following settiings are needed:

  • TBD

Sipura SPA3000

1x FxS, 1x FxO

connecting the Sipura SPA3000

Under Admin Login » Advanced » Line 1, the following settings are needed:

  • SIP Port: <make sure this port does not conflict with other SIP devices behind the same NAT>
  • Proxy:
  • Register Expires: 110
  • Use DNS SRV: yes1
  • DNS SRV Auto Prefix: yes1
  • Display Name: <anything>
  • User ID: <username>
  • Password: <password>
  • Dial Plan: (1[01579]xS0|1[23]xxS0|5000S0|2xxS0|00x.|0[1234567]xxxxxxxxS0|088xxxxxxxS0|0800xxxx.|090[069]xxxx.)

1) or use: Use Outbound Proxy: yes and Outbound Proxy:

Fritz!box 7170

  • adsl internet routing or network routing on ethernet port 1
  • 1x FxO
  • 3x FxS with pulse dialing support
  • 1x S0 (S/T) bus

factory reset:


Also see: Fritz!Box