Matrix Keypad

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4x4 Matrix Keypad

Hieronder staat het matrix schema van de 4x4 Matrix Keypad (te vinden in de elektronica lades)

nc 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 nc key 
   x       x           1
     x     x           2
       x   x           3
         x x           A
   x         x         4
     x       x         5
       x     x         6
         x   x         B
   x           x       7
     x         x       8
       x       x       9
         x     x       C
   x             x     *
     x           x     0
       x         x     #
         x       x     D

Location: Somewhere (probably in the left 'soldering cabinet') Xopr: Checked the pinout; the mate (actually, cola) was awarded to Eagle00789. Cheers!