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This page (with propertytype Boolean) will display a list of all pages that have a featured flag. To see which pages are featured and included on the Main Page, filter by Featured = true.

To make an article featured, Either do one of the following:

  • For project pages, check the 'Featured' checkbox
  • For other pages, paste the following text:
    Make sure you include the noinclude tags to prevent the main page from including itself.

Pages using the property "Featured"

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(sl)ACKspace v3.0 +false  +


2k15 interhackerspaces xmas swap +false  +


35C3 +false  +
36C3 +false  +
3D printer +false  +


ACK's LED +false  +
ACKade +false  +
ACKserver +false  +
ACKsess +false  +
ACKsession +true  +
ACKsesspoint +false  +
ACKspace 3.0 opening party +false  +
ACKspace aankoop budget +true  +
ACKspace defrag +false  +
ACKstream music +false  +
Andon light +false  +
Ant PCB Maker +false  +
Atmel experiments +false  +
Automatic window blinds +false  +
Awesome Retro Dec 2011 +false  +


BarSystem +false  +
Bbq +false  +
Bezoek hackerspace: TDvenlo +false  +


CNC guide +false  +
Campzone +false  +
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