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These are scripts used by the Telephone system.

Telephone system:Number lookup

This script uses mod_cidlookup combined with a custom php page. It tests the number against a SQLite database, several reversed number lookup websites, the national telecommunications authority database and a coarse array of areas of the world, which are called in order of granularity. The script can be called both on outgoing and incoming calls

Telephone system:Space state

This script sets the spacestate variable according to what the webservice API returns. It then can be used in the dialplan to, for example, play a sound file or do call forwarding. Currently it is used to build a sound phrase for playing it as a greeting within our IVR

Telephone system:FreeSWITCH tricks

This page provides a couple of tricks to ease working and debugging with FreeSWITCH


The telephone number (+31979922) is part of the SpacePhone ENUM project, and works in two ways:

  • Be accessible to other people having only a numeric keypad, without any costs.
  • Call other in-country spaces with a short-hand number, in our case: 922 for ACKspace
Telephone system:shoutcast streams

The most efficient way to have shoutcast streams as MOH is to set up a muted conference. This way, the fist connection will be made when the first listener joins, and no extra streams will be opened.

Telephone system:tijdmelding

Dit script is een bescheiden ode aan de bekende tijdmelding, die inmiddels al 25 jaar dezelfde stem draagt, al 87 jaar bestaat (met 83 jaar gesproken tijdmelding).

Telephone system:fail2ban

If you have a FreeSWITCH instance running on the public net, changes are people will try to exploit it. Fail2ban tries to mitigate this. This is a re-attempt since the alternative perl autoblock script would freeze/hang.

Telephone system:Simple intercom

This is a dialplan sample of using the secondary phone line put on auto answer, and bridge them in a conference call.

Telephone system:Closing announcement

This collection of scripts was used to broadcast (closing) announcements using cron jobs

Telephone system:autopatch

To connect the PABX to an external communications channel, one needs a tiny bit of hardware and some scripting to get it working. A proof of concept is made that used the PMRs in the space and a couple of components on a perf-board.

Telephone system:Betamax credit

This collection of scripts will allow the user to hear the credit available on the Betamax services (VoipBuster, Intervoip, etc.), when dialing 1244 (the number for prepaid services as defined by Ministry of Economic affairs).

Telephone system:Cisco phone deployment

Some notes and configuration snippets for deploying the Cisco 79xx series phones