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This category page collects everything that has some support of Power over Ethernet, mostly VoIP, but cameras and other hacks as well.

There also is a property associated with PoE (that often is filled in as a template) which lists a compatibility test.

Here is a list of pages with devices that are tested against 802.3af, legacy (Cisco pre-standard), compatible (both cisco and standard, and the Unifi passive 24V, all tested with regular cable and crosslink. It also lists a DC barrel jack if present. (refresh table)

 Barrel plugBarrel voltage802:3af straight802:3af crosslinkLegacy straightLegacy crosslinkCompatible straightCompatible crosslinkUnifi straightUnifi crosslink
2ABU6-G1none5 Vyesunknownunknownno
Avaya5.5/2.55 Vyesunknownunknownunknown
Avayanone0 Vyesnoyesunknown
Avayanone0 Vyesunknownunknownunknown
Cisco 79xxunknown48 Vnoyesyesunknown
Cisco 79xxunknown48 Vyesnoyesunknown
IX2412none24 Vyesunknownunknownunknown
Mitel 5212 IP Phonenone0 Vyesnoyesunknown
Polycom5.5/2.548 Vyesunknownunknownunknown
Siemens Gigasetunknown6.5 Vyesnoyesno
Telephone system:Analog Telephone Adapterunknown5 Vnononono
Thomson ST2030unknown9 Vyesunknownunknownunknown